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General meetingAlumni PrizeMegurokai PrizeScholarship support

General meeting

Types of general meeting

Regular general meeting, and Extraordinaly general meeting


General meeting is composed by regular members of MEGUROKAI.


    * General meeting votes the items that are important for the MEGUROKAI operations, in addtion to the vote for the matters defined in the MEGUROKAI articles.
    * Establishments and abolitions of the rules and regulations of MEGUROKAI shall be voted by the general meeting.


    * Regular general meetings shall be called once a year during the period between April and May.
    * Extraordinaly general meeting shall be held by requests from the board meeting, regular members over 1/5 of the totals with the documents, or auditors.

Chairman, Quorum, votings

    * Chairman: MEGUROKAI chairman
    * Quorum: Attendance of regular members over 1/2 of the totals
    * Votings: Approved by the majority of the attendance

Provisions of General meeting are described in MEGUROKAI articles. For more details, refere
Chapter 4 of the MEGUROKAI Articles (In Japanease).

Alumni Prize

Purpose of awarding prizes

MEGUROKAI has made the decision to award the eAlumni Prizef by every year to the alumni of UEC Tokyo in order to praise the meritorious deeds of their outstanding researches in scientific and technology fields that shall be widely admitted by the other alumni. MEGUROKAI also aims it to make great effects to the UEC Tokyo students.

Examination of the prize winner

The decision of the prize winner has to be made to the personnel that are recommended by the UEC Tokyo president. At the university, selection committee is set to decide the winner from the candidates listed by teaching staff after the examination of their researches.

Megurokai Prize

Being awarded

Graduates of UEC Tokyo that are recommended by the UEC Tokyo president as a excellent results of the year.

Awarding procedures

1. Notification to MEGUROKAI from recommender soon after selecting the candidates being awarded. Selection committe is set in the university.
2. Chariman of MEGUROKAI performs the awarding to the winners continued from the graduation ceremony in March.

Scholarship support

MEGUROKAI supports 2 kind of scholarships for the UEC Tokyo students.

Overseas students scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship for the overseas students

This scholarships are offered to the UEC students, who are;

    * Personel dispatched to the universities to study abroad in the oversea countries
    * High-achieving students expected to contribute to the society in future
    * Personel that need assistances


The scholarship students are selected by the Chairman of MEGUROKAI based on the recommendation of the supervisor and/or UEC president


Following two documents shall be prepared.

    * Scholarship application
    * Letter of recommendation written by the supervisor


    * 200,000 Yen per application for one year
    * The scholarship students shall submit the reports to the Chairman of MEGUROKAI by the end of that fiscal year.

Forein students scholarship


In the report of the fundarising for the encouragements to Sho Ten Kei teacher, the balance of the fundarising of 98,200 JPY was funded as 'Students Releif Funds' to support forein students who have economic trouble. MEFUROKAI will manage this fund operations.

Provisions of the fund

  1. The provisiona are established to manage the releif funds for the foreign students of UEC Tokyo by MEGUROKAI
  2. Eligibilities who can rent the scholarships are the foreign students who are enrolled in the graduates and undergraduates of UEC Tokyo.
  3. Loan conditions: The forein students can rent the funds with preparing the following applications, who have desire to study and need endowments tentatively by some reasons .
    * Recommendation letter by the students affairs of UEC Tokyo.
    * Loan application and IOU
    * Repayment plan to be finished within the enrollment period
  4. Loan amount shall be up to 100,000 JPY per application
  5. Funds shall be managed by MEGUROKAI on the MEGUROKAI accounting listints to clarify the balance of payments. Incomes from benefactors shall be published on the MEGUROKAI journal under the consent of the investors. Also the balance of its payments shall be reported to the annual general meeting of MEGUROKAI.